We’re drawing VIP tickets to be there to see at the Camp Nou the next FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, with travel and hotel included.

There are many things that have made #ElClásico the greatest show of all.

Test yourself with these questions about the history of El Clásico:

  • There have been 237 Clásicos in total.

    When was the very first Clásico of all played?

    • 1902

    • 1914

    • 1945

  • Barça have won a total of 93 Clásicos.

    What was the biggest win?

    • 2-6

    • 0-5

    • 7-2

  • In 2016, Lionel Messi became the highest goalscorer in Clásico history.

    How many goals has Messi scored in Clásicos?

    • 22

    • 25

    • 31

  • The next Clásico will be played in the Camp Nou.

    What's going to happen?

This promotion is now finished. Please check our website to find out who the winner is. Thank you!